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Veerappan (2016)

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Veerappan dubbed or remake version in hindi and story is Indian docu-drama thriller based on the events leading to Operation Cocoon to capture or kill Indian bandit Veer… The story revolves around the search of Veer… by a group of Police Officers headed by Kannan. Kannan is a non-conformist, one who would willingly flout rules as long as Veer.. is captured. The film begins directly with the planning of Operation Cocoon. This was a mission headed by the Commander of the Tamil Nadu Special Task Force, Vijay Kumar, who masterminded the final assault on Veerappan. The plot tracks the team’s attempts to corner Veer…. Priya is hired by Kannan to befriend Muthulakshmi, so that the STF can get closer to her husband Veerapp. The goal is clear – Veer…. has to be lured out of the forest. Will Kannan be successful in his mission and will he be able to find Veerap…?

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