Maniyar Kudumbam Hindi Dubbed

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Narthanga Saamy (Thambi Ramaiah) hails from a rich family but is addicted to horse betting, which makes him lose all his wealth. Kutty Maniyar (Umapathy Ramaiah) is the only son of Narthanga Samy who roams around in the same village. Kutty loves his cousin Magizhampoo (Mrudula Murali) much against her father’s (Jayaprakash) wishes. Magizhampoo encourages Kutty to start a windmill, business taking advantage of government subsidy. For the remaining equity part, she comes up with a plan of raising funds from the villagers and issue shares to them based on their investment. Kutty successfully raises Rs. 1 Crore from his friends and family members, but the money gets stolen by a cab driver named Chellakilli (Rajendran), which puts Kutty in trouble as everyone thinks that he has siphoned the money. Kutty initially suspects a local don (Pawan) to be the reason behind the theft but later understands that he has no connection. Finally, it is revealed that Magizhampoo’s father was behind the theft with plans of troubling Kutty so that he could not marry Magizhampoo. Knowing this, Magizhampoo gets furious and leaves her father, but Kutty and Narthanga Samy forgive her father, which leads to his transformation. Kutty sets up the windmill and also marries Magizhampoo.

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