Mass Leader Hindi Dubbed

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Mass Leader Hindi Download!

Mass Leader dubbed version in Hindi, The movie revolves around the life of Captain Shivraj (Shiva Rajkumar). The film opens with the issue of Bangladeshi infiltrators thriving in Bengaluru with the help of the politicians who practice vote-bank politics. Shivraj, along with his two associates Viji and Guru,drives out Bangladeshi infiltrators by spreading widespread rumours that they are going to be attacked. He also locks horns with the corrupt Chief Minister of Karnataka (Prakash Belawadi) and also takes strong actions against drug mafia and other illegal activities. An underworld Don from Mangaluru is tasked to kill Shivraj, but he later turns a loyalist. In the second half of the film, flashback happens were Shivraj is a patriotic Indian Army captain in Kashmir with a loving wife (Pranitha Subhash) and his siblings, parents and a child. The happy family is slayed by a terror plot, leaving his child handicapped. The rest of the story is how Shivraj avenges the deaths of his parents, wife and sister, by finishing off the terrorist leader behind the plot. The movie tells us that a leader is not one who gives away notes to get votes, but, a leader is one who stands at the border and fights for the entire nation!

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