Neeli: Ek Shakti 2020 Hindi Dubbed

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The film’s protagonist Lekshmi (Mamta) is a speech therapist and a single mother. She along with her daughter returns to their ancestral village in Kalingadu, after her husband (Rahul Madhav) passes away. During one night, Lakshmi is attacked and her daughter kidnapped. The rest for the tale is the pursuit of the daughter. After obvious efforts to track down her daughter fail, Lekshmi seeks the help of an supernatural power in the village, Neeli. A paranormal investigator Reny (Anoop Menon) enters the fray along with two good-hearted thieves played by Baburaj and Sreekumar along with a photographer essayed by Zinil Zainudeen – the trio take care of the comedic devices in the film. Not that it needed many, especially with Reny’s gizmos that could track any energy based on its smell.

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