Rowdy Fellow Hindi Dubbed

Rowdy Fellow Hindi Dubbed
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For Fastest Buffering pause it for 5-10 minutes then continue playing!.

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Rana pratap jayadev (Nara Rohit) is a rich brat and very egoistic person. Once he was disturbed by a political rally who was organizing by M.P Asuragana Durga prasad’s(rao ramesh) henchmen then he makes quarrel with them. Then this issue leads to police station in the dealing the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ahuthi prasad) demands apologise to them. But Rana won’t apologise then it makes another quarrel with police in this quarrel rana turns his ego towards the ACP and he apologise them. After that he decides to become a police officer to take revenge on that ACP. Then uses high influence and huge money as bribe to a minister he becomes a Sub Inspector to a rural area then he focuses on the law and order and settle the disputes in his own style and become a headache to ACP. He befriend with constable Reddy who becomes a trusted aid to him. He loves ACP’s daughter Megha(Vishaka singh) after comical encounters she also falls for him and with the acceptance of ACP finally they get married.