Spider-Man: Far from Home Hindi Dubbed

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In Ixtenco, Nick Fury and Maria Hill investigate an unnatural storm, and later encounter the Earth Elemental. A super-powered man, Quentin Beck, arrives to fight the creature. In New York City, the Midtown School of Science and Technology restarts its academic year to accommodate the students who were among those resurrected in The Blip eight months earlier. The school organizes a two-week summer field trip to Europe, where Peter Parker, still distraught over Tony Stark’s death, plans to confess his growing feelings for classmate MJ, and avoid heroics. At a fundraiser for the homeless coordinated by his Aunt May, Happy Hogan forewarns Parker he will be called by Nick Fury, but the latter chooses to ignore the call. Parker later leaves after being overwhelmed by questions about Stark.

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