Geethanjali Hindi Dubbed

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Geethanjali Hindi Dubbed Story a A Famous Psychologist Dr.Sunny is trying to solve mysterious supernatural problem arises in traditional family.

Geethanjali Dubbed Version in Hindi, Shrinivas a.k.a. Sreenu is a wannabe film director who wants to get a Nandi award for a story he has. He faces many ridicules from different producers, including one (Raghu Babu) who tries to make him adulterate the story and another lady (Jhansi) who tells that everybody in her family and outside including cooks and cleaners have to like the story if she has to produce it. He meets a businessman, Ramesh Rao (Rao Ramesh) with whom at first he has a fight for being late for an appointment, but eventually gets along with. He narrates to him the story. Rao also wants to do a film which will get a Nandi award as he wants to dedicate it to his father. In the opening scene in an apartment in Hyderabad, a girl commits suicide. The case appears to be serious and it is being investigated by inspector Shravan (Shravan) who at first suspects the security, who was the first one to find about the suicide. The next day, the owner of the house (Ali) comes with a babaji who takes the spirit of the girl into a lemon but dies in a car accident on the way back. Then Sreenu tells Ramesh Rao about 3 months later. He also tells Ramesh Rao to imagine himself (Sreenu) in place of the hero. In a bus from Vijayawada to Hyderabad, The hero (Sreenu as imagined) meets a girl Anjali (Anjali) on the bus.

The both of them become friends during the journey but the next morning, Anjali leaves without Sreenu knowing. After getting down the bus, Sreenu goes to his friend Madhunandan (Madhunandan), and now it is revealed that he had actually come to Hyderabad to meet producer Dil Raju and narrate to him a story he wrote.

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