Har Din Diwali 2020 Hindi Dubbed

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Prati Roju Pandage Release on Diwali 2020 in Hindi Dubbed Title “Har Din Diwali” Raghu Ramayya is over 75 years old. One day, Raghu Ramayya goes to a hospital and asks Dr. Bharath about his condition. Bharath tells him that he has lung cancer. Raghu Ramayya informs his eldest son Anand Rao that he has cancer. Anand Rao asks Bharath how much time his father has. Bharath replies that he has very little time to live. Even though Anand Rao was skeptical about it, he plans to come to India with his siblings. Meanwhile, Sai Tej gets to know the conditions his grandfather is suffering from and travels to India to stay with him and fulfill his wishes. While he was in India, Raghu Ramayya suggests him to marry his friend’s, Surya Narayan, granddaughter, Angel Aarna. But Anand Rao fixes a marriage plan with his boss’ (Dhamodhar) daughter. Anand Rao gets to know that Sai Tej is in love with Angel Aarna and he also gets to know that Raghu Ramayya is behind this. After a few weeks, Raghu Ramayya’s kids come to India to take care of him. Raghu Ramayya gets so happy and one day he passes out.

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