Lakshmi (2018)

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The story about a dancing legend ‘Prabu Deva’ and his extraordinary student. 10 year old, lives & breathes ‘Dance’ and dreams of winning the ‘PRIDE OF INDIA Jr.’ title in the National level dance competition. However, her single-mother Nandini detests Music & Dance. Soon, she forms an unlikely bond with the people in a Cafeteria adjacent to her school. Though initially only enjoys the music played in the store, she soon becomes a regular. Krishna/ VK & Azhagu from the Café don’t seem to mind the little girl’s presence. Soon, Lakshmi arranges to join the CHENNAI DANCE ACADEMY to be able to participate in the competition without Nandini’s knowledge. Lakshmi enthralls everyone at the Academy with her moves but on the day of selections, Lakshmi has cold feet & fails to perform leading to the disqualification of her team. In disappointment, even her Master asks her to leave & never return. When Krishna learns of this, he comes to the selection arena & requests to give Lakshmi another chance. The selections chief, Yusuf Khan on seeing Krishna, recognizes, accepts & makes him an offer. That, Lakshmi & Team could come on-board the competition only if Krishna agrees to be the coach for the team. Who was Krishna? Why was such an offer made to him? Where have the paths of the characters crossed? Would Nandini be happy about her kid doing things, she was not allowed to? Would Krishna coach Lakshmi & team? And would Lakshmi’s dream come true? Witness the unfolding of the wonders of life. 

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