Meaghamann Hindi Dubbed

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The story begins in Goa where six dead bodies are washed ashore. The Goa Drug Lord, Jothi (Ashutosh Rana) is responsible for this. The Police Department of India are unable to capture him for nearly a decade, because not a single person has seen him in person and he is constantly on the move and also has no permanent aides or accomplices. Chitti (Mahadevan) is in-charge for the drug trafficking in and around Goa. One day, he receives a call from Jothi about a missing drug consignment. Chitti and his men are unable to hunt down the culprit. It is revealed that Shiva (Arya), is the mastermind behind the drug theft. We see that Shiva is working for Chitti as his most trusted henchman. Chitti, along with Shiva and his nephew Guru (Harish Uthaman) run an underworld drug empire in Goa. In a turn of events, we see that Shiva is actually Arul, an undercover police officer who is assigned to expose Jothi and his entire drug cartel. He receives instructions from his higher officers Bharathi (Anupama Kumar) and Benjamin Vas (O A K Sundar) and he also informs them about all the activities of his gang from time to time. Arul is into this mission along with his best friend and colleague Karthik (Ramana) who also takes a stage name as Maanik, and he works for Sharma (Ashish Vidyarthi), another drug lord from Mumbai, who is in possession of 1000 kg of pure heroin and is presently, looking for a buyer.

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