Son Of Satyamurthy Hindi Dubbed

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Son Of Satyamurthy dubbed version in hindi is a billionaire businessman with great human values and he had a son viraj. S/O Satyamurthy dies in an accident. Viraj has 300 crores worth property and loans for the same amount. He has an option to go for insolvency and save 300 crores and live a happy life. But he foregoes 300 crores to make sure that his father image is not tarnished. Rest of the story is all about how far Viraj goes to live up to the values his father. Anand is assigned to plan a destination wedding at Ooty, which turns out to be Pallavi’s. There he meets Sameera (also known as Subbalakshmi), a diabetic, with whom he eventually falls in love. While planning Pallavi’s marriage Anand faces many difficulties, including an attempt by Pallavi’s uncle and his son to stop the marriage because of her father’s mistreatment. Pallavi’s father and uncle reconcile, and Anand is paid more than the agreed amount in gratitude. Sameera turns out to be Sambasiva Rao’s daughter and objects to their marriage, saying that Satyamurthy cheated him when he sold an 8,000-square-foot (740 m2) property illegally acquired by landlord Devaraj Naidu. The current market value of the land is half billion rupees. Sambasiva Rao tells Anand that he will agree to the marriage if Anand can deliver the land documents from Devaraj in four weeks.

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