John Wick 3 Hindi Dubbed

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John Wick is now a marked man on the run in Manhattan. He is declared “excommunicado” by The High Table which places a $14 million contract bounty on his head as a result of Wick’s unauthorized killing of High Table member Santino D’Antonio. Wick travels to the New York Public Library and retrieves two concealed items: a “marker” (medallion) and a crucifix necklace. Wick leaves but is pursued by a gang into an antique warehouse which leads to a bloody fight between Wick and the gang involving antique weaponry. Elsewhere, The Adjudicator – a representative of The High Table – visits both Winston in The Continental, and The Bowery King in his hideout due to both previously providing assistance to Wick. Both are ordered to relinquish their positions of authority within seven days or face consequences. Meanwhile, having survived the warehouse fight, Wick visits The Director – a figure from his past who also happens to be a member of the High Table. He hands over the crucifix necklace to her – a form of currency which allows him safe passage to Casablanca.

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